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5 foil packs with 6 sachets each (a 30 day supply) inlcudes:
Calcium and Magnesium Carbonate......994 mg
L-ascorbic acid.................................................5 mg

RECOMMENDATIONS: Drink 1 packet in 2 liters of water per day.

"After suffering severe headaches almost daily for 27 years, I couldn't believe it when they were gone after 2 weeks of drinking Coral-Calcium water. As an added bonus, the pain in my legs was gone too!"

Nancy Kistler

Ericssons' Preventive Medical Group's Alka-Mine® Coral-Calcium from Okinawa is the world's perfect natural water treatment, binding elements like chlorine to itself and pulling them from the water. In addition, it supplies 994 mg of ionic trace minerals found naturally in ocean water, including Calcium and Magnesium that are highly bio-available for better absorption than with colloidal minerals. It also raises the alkalinity of the water, while creating a powerful electron-rich antioxidant. Simply place a bag into 1-2 liters of water and drink throughout the day. Start turning your water into antioxidant water at less than the cost of bottled water!

The World's Oldest Man's Health Secret!

In 1979, the Guinness Book of World Records sent a journalist to search for the world's oldest man, finding him on the islands of Okinawa, Japan. His name was Shigechiyo Izumi and he lived to a ripe old age of 120 years and 237 days! He also held the record for the longest career, despite years of smoking and drinking!

The journalist soon realized that most of the other inhabitants of the island were physically fit , had a very low incidence of disease and an average life-span of 106 years! That is 10-15 years longer than in the rest of Japan, which has the highest longevity of any nation.

What was it that made these people so remarkably healthy? A team of researchers sent to the islands found the answer. Their health secret was in the water they were drinking, which was different than any other water in the world. The islands are made up of Sango coral which is chemically similar to human bone and has been used for almost 25 years in bone implants. The islanders' drinking water comes from rain percolating through this special coral, picking up essential minerals that make it truly unique and raising it to an alkaline pH to promote health and longevity! Now you can drink this water too with Ericsson's Alka-Mine Coral-Calcium!

Coral-Calcium Captures The Power Of The Ocean!

Coral-Calcium transforms ordinary tap water into "milk of the ocean." It provides all the trace minerals found in ocean water, which is similar in mineral composition to blood plasma. These ionic minerals, which are smaller and more absorbable than colloidal minerals, include everything from calcium and magnesium to trace minerals that are often missing from our diets. Calcium is one of the most important elements of life, being involved in more functions than any other mineral. When added to water, the coral releases Ca++ ions, the only form of calcium your body can readily use. Therefore, Coral-Calcium water is a boon to people concerned about any of the 150 ionic calcium deficiency diseases.

Coral-Calcium Helps Maintain Your Body's Acid/Alkaline Balance!

Your body's pH balance is very important to your overall health. During metabolism, your cells create acid which must be neutralized and detoxified by the alkaline fluid in your body to remain healthy. Acidic food and drink in your diet, such as sugar and soft drinks (like cola at 2.5pH), disrupt this precious balance. Adding Coral-Calcium to water creates alkalinizing water, which will help you maintain a healthy pH. In your bloodstream, which must remain alkaline to support life, increasing alkalinity by 0.15 pH has the effect of increasing available oxygen by 65%!! The work of Dr. Otto Warburg, for which he won the 1932 Nobel Prize, proved that harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi all require low oxygen or acidic conditions to grow. In fact, laboratory studies show that cancer cells die within 3 hours in alkaline conditions, while healthy cells thrive. With today's typically over-processed, acidic diet creating an environment for disease and pain to flourish, are you doing enough to stay alkaline?

You can start by eating fresh vegetables, greens, fruits, buckwheat and millet and taking alkaline minerals, while avoiding meat, fish poultry, most grains and processed foods such as sugar, soda, coffee and chemical additives.

Are You Drinking The Right Water?

Your body is made up of about 70% water. Be sure you give it the best kind! In the chart below, you can see how Coral-Calcium changes various types of water that previously promoted cellular damage into powerful antioxidant water that protects your body against aging and degenerative disease

How Can Coral-Calcium Improve Your Health?

Most degenerative diseases have been scientifically linked to mineral deficiency (especially of ionic calcium), resulting in your body fluids becoming more acidic. Here are just some of the Ionic Calcium Deficiency Diseases (ICDD):
* Cancer * Indigestion
* Gastroenteritis * Ulcerative colitis * Arthritis * Fibromyalgia
* Heart disease * Osteoporosis * Osteoarthritis * Bone spurs
* Diabetes * Allergies
* Kidney stones * Eczema
Many users are also reporting benefits such as:
* Energy increase * Weight loss
* Improved digestion * Pain relief

Simple To Use:

Drinking Coral-Calcium in water is the easiest way to get the trace minerals your body needs for optimal health. For best results, open the tea bag and pour the granules into 1-2 liters or 1-2 quarts of water (purified is best, but any water is fine). Wait 5 minutes and drink throughout the day. It's that simple! Health experts recommend drinking 2 liters of water per day.

Some people have reported added benefits from eating coral powder, using fresh coral out of the bag (not from the water). Grind it into a powder and then mix with food or swallow with water. You can feed it to your pets too!

One bag a day is plenty, however, many people are finding faster results while drinking more until symptoms disappear. Up to six bags a day of Coral-Calcium may be used for relief of symptoms, with no more than 4 bags in each 2 liters. There are no drug interactions or side effects and your garden and flowers will love your used coral!

Save On Bottled Water!

Coral-Calcium turns ordinary tap water into energized longevity water while neutralizing chlorine, bacteria, fluoride and heavy metals such as cadmium and aluminum.

From Okinawa To House of Gold To You!

Since the linking of Coral-Calcium to longevity, over 4,000,000 Japanese benefit from drinking the water each day, thanks to the Japanese Government, Rolf Ericsson from Sweden, and Coral Bio-Tech Company, Ltd. in Japan, which carefully harvests from the ocean floor without damaging the live coral.

Rolf Ericsson became very interested in promoting the coral after his own health improved so greatly that even his doctors were impressed. The Ericssons met Fred Kaufman when he was speaking at an alternative cancer meeting in Sweden. Fred had been searching for the best mineral source in the world and was amazed at the healing power of the Sango coral in Ericsson's Alka-Mine Coral-Calcium. He soon became the agent for Ericsson's Preventive Medical Group, bringing Coral-Calcium to America.

Fred assigned the rights to distribute this unique coral to a select few U.S. companies displaying integrity and ethics, including one his mother personally recommended- House of Gold Health Products!

Now that you know the secret behind Ericsson's Alka-Mine Coral-Calcium, you can start looking forward to a long and vital life. Start drinking to your health today!

The Pain Is Gone!

"I have osteoarthritis. I experienced a lot of pain in my knees. Within a few days on the Coral-Calcium, my knee pain almost entirely disappeared. I also noticed an increase in energy. I also have arrythmia and when I forget to take the Coral-Calcium, the arrythmia returns. Truly Coral-Calcium is a MIRACLE."
Grace Aarons - Washington, CT

Immediate Results!

"I utilize the computer keyboard and lift heavy files. I had been working non-stop on one occasion and developed a condition called tendonitis in my right arm, which affected my right hand. I immediately started taking Coral-Calcium, which I put in my liter water bottle and started drinking the water. By evening the pain in my right arm and hand had diminished. It gave me immediate results."
Elizabeth Andico - Ventura, CA

No More Pain Or Digestive Problems!

"I suffered a tear in my right shoulder and was given muscle relaxants, pain pills, physical therapy... the works. After several months of drinking the Coral-Calcium, I noticed I hadn't had any pain in weeks. I attribute the lack of pain and disappearance of my severe digestive problem to the use of the Coral-Calcium." Rosalyn Heath - Atlanta, GA

Olympic Athlete Healed!

Former Olympic athlete Leonard Walters, a physiotherapist in Spain, is convinced that Coral-Calcium is the most effective treatment for sports injuries. He reports, "I had been in constant pain since a bad injury at the age of 28, and had all the high-tech treatment going. I also tried every kind of painkiller, but I was never really free from pain. Coral-Calcium was suggested to me by a Swedish doctor, and the pain disappeared completely within six weeks. I was so amazed, I tried it out on my patients and have a 70 to 80% success rate."

Reverse The Aging Process!

"The important thing to know is that we age because we accumulate acidic waste products. Therefore, if we get rid of these wastes we can reverse the aging process. What I am telling the world is to drink alkaline water to wash out toxic wastes." Author Sang Wang from "Reverse Aging"

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